In keeping with the desire to maintain a relatively informal governance structure for IMECCHI, there are no formal ‘rules for membership’, or formal membership criteria. That said, the consortium is committed to act on the research agenda that has been defined, and as such, membership in the consortium will be defined by active involvement in research initiatives that are strategically aligned with the vision and mission of IMECCHI.

Although IMECCHI is not actively seeking members,  we consider welcoming new members if specific individuals with expertise have a desire for involvement in specific IMECCHI activities. For formal inclusion in the consortium, the executive leadership group will determine eligibility.

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As just mentioned, the executive leadership group will make decisions on the inclusion of new members in the group. Applicants need to significantly contribute to the aim of IMECCHI.

Membership to the IMECCHI Group may be cancelled by resignation of consortium members, or if there is ever a situation involving scientific misconduct or conflict of interest, the executive leadership group has the power to explicitly exclude an individual from the consortium. We expect, however, that given the informal nature of the consortium and the nature of its activities that such scenarios will not arise.

Operation of the group

The executive leadership group will be responsible for the planning of face-to face meetings (every 12 months), including choice of location and dates as well as the technical scope for each meeting. Members of the executive group shall meet by conference call at least six times a year in order to discuss the projects of the group and the work in progress. Rotating chairs will be proposed for each meeting session. Non-members can be invited to participate in meetings as observers or invitees.

Consortium members serve the group on a voluntary basis and receive no remuneration from the group for their work. Members, or their organisations, contribute to the work done under the IMECCHI banner. Financial support is searched to support the organisation of meetings and to support research projects. Sources of funding will depend on national and international opportunities.